The Paul Mug

Very often, a simple product is a good product. Paul of Chico, California has been manufacturing avantgardistic mountainbiking trinkets from the moment mountainbiking came to be and keeps making high quality bike parts that are just great (and beautiful, I would add). The Paul Mug, actually made by Klean Kanteen, is one of the more accessible items from the Paul product range, but fits right in as far as functionality and style are concerned.

Quick description: the Mug claims no less than full compatibility with all beverages, and so far it has lived up to this promise without exception. What about hot drinks, you ask? No problem: even though the mug has no handle, its generous capacity allows the enjoyment of hot beverages if only the lower part is filled. For those who like their coffee slightly cooler (such as I), the Paul Mug can be moved in a swaying motion to swirl the contents around and achieve the ideal drinking temperature in the blink of an eye.

Pros: the Mug will make you enjoy your beverages more and increase the amount you drink. Which is a good thing, depending on the content of the Mug. In fact, I am enjoying a nice sip of fresh water as I am typing this. Keep the hydration up!

Cons: it is made of metal, so you have to stand above the Mug’s rim and tilt your head slightly to see what’s inside. I guess that is an acceptable tradeoff for the thing being basically unbreakable.

Verdict: if you like the nice bicycle parts made by Paul, or if any of your names is Paul, the Mug is obligatory. For anyone else, get the Mug if drinking or activities related to drinking are your thing.

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