Thanks & Awe

These are the people, places and institutions that made our life a lot easier or inspired us.

Greg – he let us camp on his rooftop terrace for more than a week. And he didn’t even ask for a single dime even though we are sure he could have rented the space out for heaps of cash during the World Cup.

Bibi – she showed us her regular training loop through Tijuca National Park. To see her speeding up and down the hills on a fixed gear was mind-blowing.

Special Adventure – the place to go in Rio if you’re in bike trouble. We kind of camped there.

Sandra – the manager of the Guaia campsite in Mambucaba who cooked our pasta, made us some coffee and showed us a shortcut out of the city on her scooter.

The manager of the Rialto Doce pousada in Caraguatatuba – who, despite her initial grumpiness, opened her heart and her washing machine so that we enjoyed clean and dry bibs for the first time in a week.

Samuel of Hotel Eldorado in Eldorado – who helped us wash our clothes using a broken washing machine, a bucket and a tumbling device I have never seen before.

Margit and Savio of Jaraguá do Sul – for inviting us to their home, sharing the table with us and showing us around (including a bike trip!).

Pedala Jaraguá and Pedala Schroeder – for organizing a magnificent weekly group ride, and of course for the jersey and the bandanas.

The owner of Posto Costa Doce on the Road Far South – for giving us shelter from nightly rainstorms in the middle of No Man’s Land.

Shoemaker Pablo of Canelones – for tying my deformed Brooks saddle and making my ride so much better.

The brave firemen of San José de Mayo – for letting us stay with them and even sleep in their group dorm when we arrived with a flat tire.

Christian – for giving us an excellent base in Buenos Aires, and for introducing us to the world of mate tea.

Ileana – for many useful tips and informations on the road ahead, and for taking me on a wonderful spin around Salta with her friend Caro.

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